Recycled Concrete Aggregate

RJ Smith Materials produces recycled concrete aggregate from the reprocessing & screening of waste & demolition concrete. This is an environmentally sound way to preserve existing resources and reduce waste in our landfills.

RJ Smith has three local  recycled concrete centers that’s are conveniently located in Richmond VA, Chesterfield VA and Dinwiddie VA . These recycling centers accept clean concrete material from the demolition of buildings, roadways, sidewalks, swimming pools, and virtually anything made from concrete. The utilization of these concrete materials also help to conserve the natural resources that’s are used to produce new aggregate. This helps everyone gain tremendous economic savings.

Our recycled concrete centers not only accept concrete waste but also allow businesses, residence and contractors to purchase recycled concrete stone. We are available to haul to a jobsite or you can choose to pick the stone up yourself. We offer a quick turn around , as our stone quarry can get you in and out in about 10 minutes. We offer a wide variety of stones such as 21’s, 3’s, 57’s, Rip Rap & Blend. This durable lighter weight stone is great for use in driveways, foundations, construction entrances, parking lots, and any other areas you typically use natural stone. For a closer look at our stones.


Rock Quarry Richmond VA

Top Recycled Concrete Product Uses:

  • Bulk Fills
  • Sub-grades
  • Erosion and Control measures
  • Noise barriers
  • Backfills
  • Decorative Hardscape

Using recycled concrete is good for the environment and saves money!